Sunday, January 07, 2007

giraffe birthday cake


Anonymous said...

Great Cakes Tammie!!
Btw, this is your Cousin Mandy!
Please email me, (addy in profile)

momof2 said...

Giraffe cake is super cute, perfect for my niece who is turning one. Can you email some instructions. Thanks

Erin said...

I live in Calgary, Canada. I am searching the globe for a giraffe cake pan for my son's first birthday! Can you tell me where you got yours from?

tammiemarie said...

sure! this is a wilton design, using a dinosaur pan called partysaurus. which looks like a t-rex. if you email me, i will reply with the specifics! tammieschaffer at yahoo dot com. thanks!

Tammy said...

I love your cake. I see that you used the Wilton dinosaur pan, but what did you use to decorate? It is by far the best giraffe cake I have seen. I would love more specifics.

tammiemarie said...

This is a popular cake! I hope it's ok with Wilton if I post the directions here.

It's from the Wilton 1997 cake decorating book. It's called "Tall For His Age!" All the supplies listed are Wilton products.

Partysaurus Pan
Decorating Tips 2,4,5,9,12,16,21
Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Brown, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Christmas Red Food Colors
2 giant red gumballs
candy sticks(I used toothpicks)

Ice cake smooth in white icing. Using toothpick, draw giraffe shape onto cake. Build up ears and top legs with tip 12. (This means to mound up the icing to make it 3D) Outline giraffe with tip 4 strings (do not outline color spots).

Pipe in tip 5 eyes and tip 4 nostrils (smooth both with finger dipped in cornstarch).

Cover cake with tip 16 stars. Add tip 9 pull-out mane and tail. Print tip 2 name.

Outline number with tip 2 and pipe in with tip 5. Pipe tip 21 star bottom border.

Insert candy sticks (toothpicks) into gumballs and place for horns. Serves 12.

Some tips for you - I use canned chocolate frosting for brown, it's hard to get a true brown color using food color. You can also buy red frosting, red's tough to make too. (It doesn't taste as good, so I only use it in small amounts) I bought my Partysaurus pan on Ebay - but you could always use a sheet cake pan and draw the giraffe right on it. The directions make this cake sound harder than it is! Draw a giraffe and fill it in with stars. All those tip numbers are just different size stars and writing tips.

I didn't have the 1997 Pattern book, so I drew my own pattern, using the picture in the book as a guide. Since the dinosaur pan only has 2 legs & the giraffe has four, you have to "draw" on his legs. Same with the ears. So if you're good at freehand, no need to make a pattern. You could do something similar using a coloring book picture of a giraffe, just trace it on your cake.

I hope this makes sense! If not, email me for more help. Thanks for looking!

Evelyn said...

Tammie, I love your cake, and am wanting to make one for my son's one year birthday. Can you tell me what type of frosting/icing you used? Buttercream? Royal? Thanks so much!

tammiemarie said...

I used buttercream frosting for this cake. for most of my cakes, actually. for the brown tail and mane, you can use chocolate frosting, it's easier to get the brown color that way.